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Lighted Business Signs has been serving the Denver, Colorado Metropolitan and Front Range Areas since 1998. Restoring and updating old neon signs is one of our specialties. Because modern regulations rarely allow new signs to be built as large as the classic old signs that have been grandfathered in, it is often better to restore or update a sign rather then replace it.

In the case of The Gothic, we restored the sign by painting or covering all visibile areas of the sign. The 6 foot letters have been covered with a chrome looking aluminum with all an all new red neon outline. There are over 400 lights chasing and flashing around the theater entrance. Over a mile of old white neon from behind the marque was removed and replaced with all new flourescent fixtures and Lexan faces that hold the new 3-D change letters. For extra detail, we even covered the ceiling under the sign with chrome panels. This is one great looking sign that commands everyone�s attention, especially those that drive by.

Gothic Night Sign
Gothic Before 1 Sign
Before restoration
Gothic After 1 Sign
After restoration
Gothic Before 2 Sign
Before restoration
Gothic After 2 Sign
After restoration

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